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Fort Pierce Little League

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for Fort Pierce Little League strive to provide a fun and safe environment for our youth to play baseball and softball.

2019-2020 Fort Pierce League Little Board of Directors:

President - Robbie Yancy

Vice President - Adam Hutchinson

Treasurer - Barbara Watson

Secretary - Tammy Wickard

Umpire In Chief - Eric Childs

Assistant UIC - Kevin Griffin

Concession Manager - Danyel Jones

Asst Concession Mgrs - Catherine Bare and Kristen Ciufo

Player Agents - Chris Pallas and Joy Yancy

Coaching Coordinators - Chris Pallas and Erin Casson

Information Officer - Brianne Hutchinson

Safety Officer - Joey Casson

Equipment Manager - Ricky Friedrich

Sponsorship Managers - Eric Childs and Jenny Pizzarello

League Photographer - Janis Bee

T-Ball Representative - Martin Gawlak

Rookie Representative - Eric Townsend

Minor Representative - Peter Pizzarello

Major Representative - Billy Hicks

Senior Representative - Chris Pallas / Eric Childs

Softball Representative -Janis Bee

Team Mom Rep - Jennifer Lee

League Advisor - Dale Boyd

Fort Pierce Little League is an organization of volunteers in service to the children of our community. Our purpose is to provide a safe, fun and healthy environment for children to develop the ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork, fair competition, and respect. Our success is easily measured by focusing on one simple goal: for EVERY child to come away from each season saying, “that was fun, can I play again!